Monday, June 7, 2010

Classic City Farmer's Market

Readers, I was blown away by veggies! Let me repeat, I was blown away by veggies! I have finally ventured out to my neighborhood outdoor farmer's market this Saturday, and I thought it was surprisingly fun. I was taken aback by the elaborate displays that the vendors had of their edible wares. Just take a peek at some of these pictures:

We ran into some friends, which is fun to do at a thing like this, and I bought stuff. I did not need anything but I felt it would not be right if I walked away empty handed. I decided on eggs. The family selling them were adorable, I even ended up taking a photo of them instead of my eggs, but to clue you in... one of my eggs is green, I think it means it's lucky!!!

Now, da kid, who's main goal in life seems to be to top me at every function, of course outdid himself and decided he too wanted to buy something. He decided on a container of mixed peppers. I think he may have even tried to haggle over the price, and was met with smiles & 50cent discount for audacity (I was keeping the parental distance of a mum w/ a 10yo).

Having been uplifted from the visit, I decided to pull out the Big Red Bible and try something spicy. I ended up making something similar to Arizo con Pollo, I added in the red peppers and left out the saffron (as I had no frickin' clue what that was outside of a color & Donnovan song). What was the outcome?

The boys dug it. A LOT actually. It was too spicy for me, so I also threw in some peas, since I'm not eating those either and the fellas had a hearty, veggie-filled meal.

PS - I also cut up an entire onion, by my self!!

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