Thursday, June 3, 2010

No cheating with your sister

Or in other words, da sis & Belly Katherine came for a week long visit and I did not buy food out the entire time. This is a small feat within itself because we are both social eaters. Da sis helped me out a bit by treating us gUrls to Doc Chey's for lunch one afternoon.

Besides for these wonderful fortune cookies we are eating with chop sticks, I had Coconut chicken soup, Chicken Lo Mien (with no veggies, so think just noodles, chicken & sauce), and Thai tea. Belly Katherine had a big mound of white rice.

Da sis also got us Chick-Fil-A biscuits one morning. Belly Katherine even shared a hash brown with me!

Outside of that, we cooked for ourselves. We brought lunches with us when we went to the pool. We had potlucks for my peeps to meet da sis. We ate our weight in bagels. Da kids ate more than their weight in Popsicles.

One day Belly Katherine helped me make some snacks & try on my new apron! once again too beautiful for me to wipe my hands on, I was caught more than once, sticking my hands underneath the apron & simply wiping my hands on my shorts.

Readers, here is what you are really wondering... did I make my mom's secret spaghetti recipe? Did da sis actually hand it over to me!

YES!!! Readers, do I plan to share it with you?! Hell no.

If I had to wait this long, I am making someone else pay too! However, I do plan on trying to make it again soon and making some possibly drastic changes, and that I will share.

It was a wonderful trip & I could not have been more surprised how, with the simplicity of staying home (my home or the Majong Maiden's {I don't think you are a maiden anymore when you are married}), cooking with loved ones, that this may haven been the best trip we've had together. I think I may have this NYR to thank too, weird right?

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  1. I agree, This is one of the best trips I've had in a long time, maybe ever. It was exactly what I needed, a bit of a break and some big sis love. Thank you so much for everything and the house is beautiful!